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Alberto Cobo

A unique music story

The pianist Alberto Cobo studied at the Royal Superior Conservatory of Music in Madrid, obtaining the degree and the highest qualification in the piano specialty. He also makes several presentations in Spain, Italy, Germany and America.


As a producer, he has released complete albums at the international record companies Koch Schwann, Koch International, Das Beste von Reader's Digest, Universal Classic & Jazz, and collaborated with the most important German and Swiss radio stations.

He has recorded as a pianist more than 20 piano CDs with works by Liszt, Mozart, Chopin, Bach, Beethoven, Stravinsky, Satie, Debussy, Schumann, etc ..., and original compositions such as albums "Paraisa", "Two Symphonies", "Real Dreams ”,“ Water Drops ”,“ Celtic ”, and“ Call of God ”.


He has also recorded for RNE (National Radio of Spain) the piano integral of the Spanish composer Félix Máximo López (1742-1821), publishing the complete critical edition for this composer's key at the ICCMU (Complutense Institute of Musical Sciences), and presenting a concert with great success.


Cobo has discovered, edited and recorded two important operas for the history of Spanish music, one attributed to Ramón Carnicer (1789-1855), and another by Félix Máximo López (1742-1821). Subsequently he does a composition work for a complete musical. Edit a piano method titled "Piano Works", which mainly includes original compositions. And he also arranged and recorded as a pianist another CD for a contemporary Spanish composer, which was broadcast through the Musical Thread.


Alberto Cobo continues to develop his pedagogical activity as a teacher of several students and pianists. He has received a great international response of congratulations and applause through his website since 2000, and in other portals such as where he created “International Stations” for one year.


Among its conquests, the performance as soloist with the Symphony Orchestra of the National Radio of Poland in Warsaw in 2009 stands out (Cervantes Institute, City Hall of Granada, Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Embassy of Spain, Chopin Institute of Warsaw).


His CD with The Last Two Great Piano Sonatas, dedicated to Rachmaninov and Stravinsky (available in El Corte Inglés, Spotify, Amazon, iTunes, and other digital media) is also very well received. Presented at the Nicolás Salmerón Center, in the City Council of Madrid, in a recital with great success, to which a Steinway grand piano (tuned by Luis Felipe Serrano) from the HAZEN house was taken.


In 2011 he made the presentation at the Carlos III Coliseum in El Escorial, with the presence of the Vice Minister of Culture of the Community of Madrid and the Mayor of the summer concert cycle, dedicating a monograph to Franz Liszt and receiving from the hands of the Ambassador of Hungary a musical offering. It also reaps a great success with this program in Sao Paulo (Brazil), Hebraica Club Theater, American Steinway D piano taken expressly from the Sao Paulo Hall, before numerous company presidents.


As a musicologist he has also published in the Royal Academy of History. In 2014 he performed several piano recitals with great success at the Palau de la Música in Valencia (Luis Clemente tuner) and the Auditorium Theater of the Dukes of Pastrana in Madrid with the dissemination in more than 300 media of written and digital press and radio, as well as in magazines, videos, of national circulation, El Mundo, La Razón, ABC, etc.


Since then he has continued to carry out professional composition work for companies and concerts in various parts of Madrid, such as the Shigeru Kawai Center (grand piano Shigeru, Luis Clemente tuner), at the Ateneo de said capital and Real Casino de Murcia with great success.


His last concerts in Madrid, in 2017 he has dedicated to the composer Félix Máximo López (1742-11821), with congratulations from all attendees. He has performed at the Theater of the Dukes of Pastrana in Madrid, with great success, good attendance, with a select audience.

He obtained great success in May 2018 at the Buero Vallejo Theater in Alcorcón, which places him as the world reference interpreter in the piano work of Félix Máximo López.


In January 2019 he acts at the Cultural Center of the Armies in Madrid receiving numerous congratulations for several nightlife and studies in Chopin. In March of this year he performed in the spectacular and new residential complex 'Somosaguas Club' obtaining the congratulations of all attendees. In May he repeated that program at the Shigeru Kawai Center in Madrid.


On this summer of 2019, A. Cobo makes a new recording at the prestigious Galaxy Studios in Belgium, with the Chopin monographic program that includes: the first 3 Nocturnes Op. 9 and the virtuosists 24 Etudes op. 10 and op. 25 by F. Chopin. The Cd - which is scheduled to come out later this year - is going to headline "The Master Of The Masters" (see blog at With this recording, and by comparison with more than 55 known records / albums of these works, Cobo is positioned as the first classical pianist worldwide.

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