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2 Hours of Liszt's Most Difficult Piano Music

Updated: Nov 23, 2021

Compilation of works of great difficulty by Franz Liszt, performed by various pianists (including myself) - Grosse Konzertfantasie über spanische Weisen, S. 253 (1845) - 57:48 Pf. Alberto Cobo

<< Santosificationable wrote:

Grosse Konzertfantasie über spanische Weisen, S. 253 (1845): 57:48Pf. Alberto Cobo

This piece is sometimes considered Liszt's most difficult work for the piano - excepting perhaps only his hour-long symphony transcriptions. And with good reason - it abounds in stunt-work that is Herculean even for a Liszt arrangement. This master-work is rarely recorded, though Mikhail Pletnev once performed segments of it in concert. Fortunately, an excellent recording by Alberto Cobo thrives, and this performance undoubtedly soars past the piece's brutal technical demands and into the heart of its Spanish character. >>

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