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John Collins St. George Church

Updated: Mar 31, 2022

How can someone trust this person who appears in his biography in Mundoclasico saying that he was born in 1949 and it turns out that he is now 95 years old? I would have to say better that he was born in 1927.

But Google does trust him to put the "disastrous" criticism of him in Mundoclásico and that he has been appearing for 22 years by putting my name next to that of Félix Máximo López.

In that link of Mundoclasico he announced that he was doing some work of the work of D. Félix to the organ but these 22 years have passed and I have not seen that he has given a hit...

This John Collins -supposed expert in Spanish key music- doesn't talk either about my neatness and good judgment in respecting the spelling of Maestro López, unlike what he promulgates about Alma Espinosa: passing the notes of the left hand to the bass clef because it is more modern and 'standard' today, come on, more commercial.

The spelling of FML, or rather of the professional copyist of the Royal Palace (because I attribute the manuscripts of the "Clave Music" to one of them), consists of using the C clefs in the left hand, mainly in the fourth and third lines , since this allows a cleaner, more aesthetic drawing, and it is easier (for those who are proficient in these keys) to visualize this music almost at first sight, since the notes are immersed in the staff without the need to use almost any additional lines.

Also, respect for the grouping of notes by means of beams, since, by practically not using phrasing ligatures, these groupings give an idea of ​​both micro-phrases and intentions of breathing or internal rhythmic accentuations.

As well as respecting the placement in different voices within each staff, or the structure of placing the corresponding hand at specific moments in one staff, or in another, as this also enriches the possibility of understanding and executing/interpreting each work.

In short, my edition is a deluxe edition (true to the luxury in which it was written), but not for fans who only seek the simplicity of what they are used to, the usual trash....

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